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C0mmodore - Klaus Bayer

Vice Commodore - Bob Elliot

Rear Commodore - Ginnie Gilson

Treasurer - Bob Elliott

Clerk - Joe calabro

Auditor - Tom Fitch

Board of Directors

Dianne Champion (2025)

Paul Krautman (2025)

Dominic Perkins (2024)

Bob Hof (2024)

Steve Shriner (2023)

Peter Rooney (Past Commodore)

Committee Chairpersons

 Admissions/Membership - Brian & Dianne Whatley

Race - Steve Armstrong 

Buildings and Grounds - Sara Hamilton, Lee Pearson, Ken Sumer, David Dumont

Docks Waterfront Storage- Brian Petrovich, Larry Smith

Yard Management, Hoists and Motors - Howard Adams


Moorings - Zsolt Pomazi

Long Range Planning - Tom Fitch

NH Water Resources - Howard Adams

Lake Association - Howard Adams

Health & Safety - Steve Larmon

Fleet Captains

Sunfish & Saturday Series Fleets

Katharina and Peter Rooney

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